Davide Ruzzon

Davide Ruzzon

Scientific Director of NAAD Master at Venice University and at TUNED Lombardini22 Milan

As well as his role as a practicing architect and scientific director of the NAAD Master's programme and the TUNED brach of Lombardini22, David is the Co-Director of the new architecture magazine ‘Intertwining’, with Sarah Robinson and Alessandro Gattara. He has carried out public and private construction projects and participated in international competitions. David is widely published and is a co-ordinator of events and publications on the subject of architecture and neuroscience. 


Architecture and Neuroscience: a new ancient alliance

Why could Neuroscience enhance the way architects manage the design of our artificial environment? The oxymora new/ancient alliance referred to this intertwining can correctly depict the essence of this only apparently strange liaison. Why?