Day 3 | Aging | Conscious Cities Festival 2019
Pratt Brooklyn, NYC

For a society that has long ago projected an ageing population, little has changed in the way we plan and build for life’s later years. The culture of secluding older adults in specific points in the city has created an environment that excludes a sector of society most in need of support and integration. Our mature population is underrepresented in urban planning, exacerbating the social isolation that contributes to higher mortality rates. 

Day 3 of the festival will deal with how we can change our approach to planning for the older adults, towards better physical and mental health and access to participating and benefitting fully from city life.

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Susan Magsamen

Susan Magsamen

International Arts + Mind Lab

Susan Magsamen is the founder and Executive Director of the International Arts + Mind Lab, a pioneering neuroaesthetics initiative from the Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her body of work lies at the intersection of brain sciences and the arts—and how our unique response to aesthetic experiences can amplify human potential.

Magsamen is the author of the Impact Thinking model, an evidence-based research approach to accelerate how we use the arts to solve problems in health, well-being, and learning.  She also serves as Senior Advisor to the Science of Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University. An award-winning author, Magsamen has published seven books including The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonder, The 10 Best of Everything Families, and Family Stories.