Day 5 | Conscious Cities Festival 2019
Pratt Brooklyn, NYC

The Conscious Cities Festival culminates on a Saturday with a fair that will gather local communities, artists, and speakers to open up a wide discussion on what would make a more conscious city?

Local and international organisations working at the forefront of improving urban life will present their ideas focused on the festival’s thematics: Resilience, Families, Aging, and Mental Health. Highlights from the festival talks and past events will be screened and addressed in open  discussions as fair visitors publicly voice issues facing communities and individuals, as well as generate ideas with other participants, experts and local representatives.

Installation and performance artists will inspire us to think about our relationship with the city, the future challenges we face, and the opportunities presented through a human-centered approach to design and decision-making. 

Finally, this year’s festival will launch the Conscious Design Awards, celebrating architecture and urbanism projects that exemplify positive social impact in a number of categories: Original Research, Application of Behavioural Science to Design, Measured Impact, Community Leadership, and Governance.

More details to be announced

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