Day 1 | Resilience | Conscious Cities Festival 2019
Pratt Brooklyn, NYC

How our cities fare under environmental, social, or political stress is a measure of their resilience and ability to protect and support individuals and communities. Whilst resilience in urbanism usually refers to how built infrastructure can cope with natural disasters and climate change, Day 1 of the Conscious Cities Festival will focus on the resilience of the city’s social fabric.

How can we design cities to promote social cohesion that not only ensures communities thrive through challenges, but also that individuals aren’t left behind? The day’s events will propose paths forward through case studies and the development of science-informed architecture, urban design, and decision making

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Cynthia Nikitin

Cynthia Nikitin

Project for Public Spaces

Cynthia Nikitin has led numerous large-scale multi-sectoral place-based community-led projects during her twenty seven years with Project for Public Spaces. Cynthia’s technical expertise stretches from the development of downtown master plans and transit facility and station area enhancement projects, to the creation of corridor-wide transportation and land use strategies, to the development of creative placemaking initiatives, the coalescing of government buildings, libraries and cultural institutions into civic centers, using placemaking to create safer and healthier cities and upgrade informal settlements in the developing world.

Currently, she is developing Resilient Places, a new PPS initiative that promotes a place-based people-centered approach to disaster recovery and mitigation which seeks to build social resilience and civic infrastructure. 

Sarah Williams Goldhagen

Sarah Williams Goldhagen

Turf Advisory

Sarah Williams Goldhagen writes, lectures, and consults about the design of architecture and landscapes, cities and urban design, infrastructure and public art – all the things that constitute the built environment. The author of the widely discussed Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives (HarperCollins, 2017), she recently joined the core team of Turf Advisory as Managing Director of Human-Centered Design.

Goldhagen is a contributing editor at Art in America and Architectural Record; for many years, she was the New Republic’s architecture critic, and taught for a decade at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Goldhagen has been an invited guest lecturer at numerous universities and colleges in the US and Europe, and her award-winning essays appear regularly in professional and general-interest publications.